Exercise Caution as California Reopens

California reopens

As you might be aware, plans for reopening the state are in full swing in California. In Los Angeles, plans are in place to reopen certain broad sectors of the economy, including gyms, movie and television production, sports venues without live audiences, and hotels are some of the businesses that intend to open back up in the coming weeks. Movie theaters and bars, however, are still being held off in the county. However, don’t let this fool you into a false sense of security. The cases in Los Angeles County continue to rise as more and more people have begun to resume everyday activities. As California reopens, we need to exercise caution in the way we interact with each other.

COVID-19 in Los Angeles

As of June 11, there are 65,822 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. The outbreak is not getting any better, and the county is walking a very fine line in regards to reopening. While it’s definitely understandable that businesses want to reopen and people want to get back to work, it’s important not to be harsh. We can’t just go back to work as usual. Just because we got frustrated, it does not mean that the pandemic is gone. As California reopens, it’s necessary to be prudent, continue to limit our outings to those considered essential, and practice social distancing whenever possible.

Precautions as California Reopens

What can you do to protect yourself and others as California reopens? Keep wearing a mask whenever you go outside, frequently washing your hands and limiting the surfaces you touch. Even though certain entertainment venues are planning to reopen, including theme parks, reconsider whether or not going makes sense. We are still not at a point where we can go back to life as usual. In fact, it might still be a while before we get to do that. Take care and be responsible!

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