Do I Really Need A Water Filter?


When it comes to drinking water, the general consensus is that we should always aim to consume the healthiest, cleanest water possible. For lots of people, safe water is readily available directly from faucets at home and work, but others are not quite as lucky. On those occasions you need something like a water filter to help do all of the hard work for you.

For the majority of people across the country, a water filter is an option rather than a necessity, but if you are in the process of weighing up the pros and cons of getting one for yourself, then there is plenty of information at Silverlandia to help you make your mind up. Without further ado, here are some of the biggest benefits of a water filter.


  •       Removes Chlorine

According to Silverlandia and this information is backed up by countless confirmed bodies of research, a water filter will improve the quality of your drinking water by removing the chlorine from it. Chlorine is good for the early stages of preparing drinking water as it kills all off initial germs and bacteria that might be present, but you don’t necessarily want to drink it yourself. Water filters help to remove it before it enters your body.


  •       Reduced Limescale

Have you ever noticed those chalky, white colored deposits that can start to build up in things like tea kettles? This is limescale from your water, and it can be virtually eliminated with the use of a water filter at your direct water source. It will greatly reduce the amount of limescale in your drinking and cooking water. It will also prolong the life of your kettle if you only use filtered water in it.


  •       Reduced Odor

You might notice that the water from your tap, whilst being completely safe to drink, can sometimes have a strong odor that isn’t the most pleasant. This is because tap water is treated with a range of chemicals and is often exposed to heavy metals in its journey to your tap, and it will pick up contents that change its smell along the way. A simple water filter can eliminate this odor before you put the liquid anywhere near your mouth and nose.


  •       Improve Skin Health

Water filters can also have an effect on wider aspects of health like your skin, because removing any extra contaminants and chemicals in the water not only helps you stay more hydrated, but it also just makes for a purer drinking experience. Very often, any chemicals and toxins that we have ingested might not make us feel ill but can show effects in the health of our skin, particularly the skin on your face that is most prone to breakouts and irritation.


If you want to know more about water filters as well as lots of other articles and opinion pieces about various home improvements and environmental concerns, then head over to the Silverlandia website for lots of great and varied content. Once you have experienced the benefits of great filtered water, you will be converted for life!

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