Stories, Resident Echo Park Bookstore, is Again Open for Browsing

echo park bookstore

Stories, the small Echo Park bookstore on Sunset Blvd, has always been a wonderful little place to spend time at. With its little open patio, its delicious cafe, and its cozy reading room, Stories provides reading fans with a great getaway. For the last few months, Stories has been fulfilling online orders and curbside pickups. However, they recently opened back up for browsing books in a safe way. Not only that, but the outdoor patio is open for eating as well. This way, if you wish to grab a new book, you can head over to Stories. Then, you can read through the first few pages as you enjoy a coffee in their little patio cafe.

Stories Echo Park Bookstore

The charm of Stories is simply undeniable. After all, by merely walking into Stories you are stepping into a wonderful little paradise for book lovers. This Echo Park bookstore has everything you might wish for. Between their extensive book collection, independent atmosphere, and quaint cafe, what else could you possibly ask for in an escape to the bookstore? Of course, right now it’s probably not the best time to sit down in a bookstore to read, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to grab a new book and a coffee. After a few months of only offering curbside pickup, you can finally indulge in the simple pleasures of browsing for books again. 

Grab a Book and a Hot Beverage

Located at 1716 Sunset Blvd, this resident Echo Park bookstore is back open for your enjoyment. Overcoming the effects of the pandemic entails a lot of different things, including adapting to a new normal while still being cautious. For example, we may not be able to go sit at a bookstore for a while and just read. However, we can at least go browse through a bookstore with a mask on. To learn more about how Stories is operating, head over to their website and see what they’re up to.

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