Cinnaholic is the Most Enticing Echo Park Vegan Bakery

echo park vegan bakery

We all need a treat every once in a while. We always have! Don’t you remember that feeling of going to the bakery with your parents as a kid and getting to pick one fo the enticing pastries on the display? Well, good news! You can recreate that unique feeling by taking a look at the enticing menu of the most creative Echo Park vegan bakery. Cinnaholic, located on the intersection of Sunset and Alvarado will satisfy any craving that you’ve been having lately. Trust us, it will only take one glance at what they have to offer to get your mouth watering.

Discover Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic is, in their own words, “proud to serve create-your-own cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats, like made from scratch brownies, cookies, and edible cookie dough”. All of their products are free of dairy, lactose, and eggs, therefore being 100% vegan. Not only that, but everything is freshly baked and free of cholesterol. This is why all their treats fresh and healthy. This way, you won’t feel guilty when indulging upon their decadent signature rolls and edible cookie dough. Their delightful use of traditional flavors such as chocolate, caramel, and strawberry along with bolder choices such as horchata, cookie dough, and apple creates exciting combinations you have to try for yourself.

Try this Echo Park Vegan Bakery

Tempted already?  We can’t blame you. Lucky for you, the folks at Cinnaholic are ready to take your order! Just head over to their website, where you can take a look at their menu and order for curbside pickup. You can also get online gift cards if you think a friend could use a treat. Delicious cinnamon rolls, brownies, and cookies are waiting for you at the best Echo Park vegan bakery. After all, isn’t it time that you treated yourself to something sweet and indulgent?

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