Fun ideas to Keep you Happy and Relaxed Around Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park is a vibey neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, with its much-loved lake in the middle. A few well-known people have lived in Echo Park as it was the epicenter of the silent film industry. Today, the locals love visiting the lake again as it offers a refuge from the noisy, bustling city.

Until recently, Echo Park Lake wasn’t a place you wanted to visit. It was taken over by 200 homeless people who erected shelters and who had to be relocated. They had taken up residence there, even though there are signs up saying no lodging or camping permitted in the park.

Also, park hours are marked as 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Thirty-six tons of trash were removed from the park and millions were spent on cleaning and repairing the park. Security cameras have been installed and the community can now enjoy Echo Park Lake again.

Echo Park Lake was at first a reservoir for drinking water but the surrounding park was soon landscaped and new homes developed around it.


Out and about in Echo Park Lake

There are different pathways to take, or you can even pedal boat across the lake. It’s the south shore with its Downtown LA skyline, where you can also find the Echo Park Recreation Center and outdoor tennis courts.

The lake is also known for its beautiful lotus lilies and you’ll find exquisitely delicate pinks, whites, and blues in and around the lake.

The lake has its Annual Lotus Festival, which is a must for flower lovers. The festival with live music and entertainment celebrates Asian Pacific cultures and takes place in July, when the eponymous flower is in bloom.


Relax and unwind in Elysian Park

Around Echo Park Lake, there is also Elysian Park, a wonderful place to relax and take in amazing views of Downtown Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium, where they play major league baseball games.

There are picnic tables with barbecue pits and kid’s playgrounds. If a thrilling novel is what you’ve got up your sleeve for relaxing in the park, there are no less than three public libraries in Echo Park.

They’re always coming up with exciting events and activities for kids and you can pick up some brilliantly exciting books for a good read to keep you busy.

Maybe Sunset Boulevard is what makes Echo Park such a fun place to live in or visit. It’s the upbeat main thoroughfare through the neighborhood and it’s where music lovers can get lost in a world of different music genres where hits from 5 decades collide.

All kinds of music can be enjoyed in the clubs, and word has it that even the Rolling Stones have played here. The area has pulsating nightlife too and there are plenty of bars, cafes, and shops to enjoy more gastronomical experiences.

There’s never a dull moment in and around Echo Park Lake and if it’s not walking along the Baxter Street Stairs with its 231-step ascent and the most spectacular views, it’s stepping back in time by visiting Carroll Avenue.

The Avenue boasts some of the most extraordinary Victorian manors, some of which have been shown in films and TV shows. The Avenue was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

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