Order the Best Breakfast Burritos and Tex-Mex Classics at HomeState

breakfast burritos

Just about all Silver Lake residents have probably given HomeState Texas Kitchen a try. This local Tex Mex restaurant is a popular spot for breakfast burritos, lunch tacos, and just about anything else on the spectrum. You’ve probably stood in line to order during a better part of your lunch break just because you know they’re that good. And who can blame you? Their menu is full of exciting takes on classics that are sure to brighten up your lunch hour. Although you can’t currently line up outside in anticipation, you can still enjoy their delicious food. HomeState Texas Kitchen is still open for your socially distant enjoyment.

HomeState Texas Kitchen

You’re probably already familiar with HomeState’s menu. In fact, you probably have a few go-to favorites already, don’t you? Well, they’re currently working with a smaller menu than usual because of these conditions. Don’t worry, it’s a good collection of some of the favorites on their menu. Of course, that’s not the end of what they offer right now. They have quite a lot of pantry essentials for the convenience of their regular customers (even beyond just food). You can even get ready-to-eat goods to build your own HomeState Tex Mex meals beyond just the one order.  Be it produce, pantry items, drinks, ready-to-eat food, and full meals, their menu has something for you.

Get Your Breakfast Burritos To Go

Don’t miss out on your regular meals just because of this quarantine. This local favorite spot for breakfast burritos and Tex Mex classics sis still open for orders. If you wish to order, just head over to their website and order your food online. You can swingby for curbside pickup and even support their efforts for local hospitals with a donation. Not only does HomeState offer delicious food, but they also take their role in the community seriously.

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