How Daily Walks Can Help You Lose Weight in Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all trying to reach our ideal physiques. One of the simplest ways to add a bit of exercise, burn extra calories, and improve your health is through daily walks. Silver Lake is the perfect area that allows you to enjoy scenic views, and urban environments and meets friendly faces, all while you improve your health.

If You’re Trying to Burn Calories…

You’re in luck If you’re searching for a simple way to burn a few calories. Walking through Silver Lake can help you burn off any cheat meals or sweets. In fact, the average adult can expect to shed about 100 calories per mile walked. Keep in mind that this will vary depending on the distance and your weight.

How Much Weight Can I ACTUALLY Lose?

You might be skeptical about how effective daily walks are for losing weight and getting lean. I mean, it’s just walking, right? Wrong! If your diet stays the same and you walk five days a week for around 60 minutes, you can expect to lose upwards of ¼ pounds of fat per week! These are impressive numbers for such an easy exercise.

What’s the Bare Minimum?

So, are you set on losing ¼ a pound of weight per week? To do so, you’ll need to start walking a minimum of two miles per day for five days out of the week. With these numbers, you can expect to lose between 700 to 1,200 calories each week/

If you aren’t sure about calculating distances, you can simply incorporate an hour walk into your day five times a week. You don’t need to complete this hour all at once, either. You can walk 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there, and so on.

How to Start Walking Daily

Building a new habit is a challenge, regardless if it’s walking, writing, or even painting. But there are simple tricks you can use to incorporate healthier habits and routines into your daily life. Here are some tips for incorporating low-impact walking into your routine:

Start with three 10-minute walks a day: What’s the simplest way to start walking each day? Start off with three 10-minute walks each day. You can do one 30-minute session if you prefer. But 30 minutes of walking each day will allow you to start feeling healthier, improve your cardiovascular system, and shed calories along the way.

Create “excuses” to walk: Another simple trick is to start making “excuses” to walk each day. Maybe you need to run some errands and pick up groceries nearby the Silver Lake area. Or you could park at the edge of the parking lot instead of close by the entrance. This way, you’re getting steps in without even realizing it!

Bring a friend: In Silver Lake, the more, the merrier! If you’re struggling to incorporate daily walks into your routine, invite a friend! Bringing a friend is an excellent way to stay accountable and connected. If they can’t meet up in person, try using Facetime or a phone call to stay in touch.

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