Stepping it up in Los Angeles

silver lake steps

​Living in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of gyms in sight. They are as common now as the corner liquor store or coffee shop. However, with the pandemic, many people had to resort to new, safer ways to exercise and for many people that involved working out at home or just not working out at all. Now that the numbers of cases are on the decline, gyms have opened back up and many fitness nuts have flocked back in droves to the gyms to get back in shape. silver lake steps

This could give some folks pause for a number of reasons, for one, the lines to get in the gyms have increased due to limited capacity and social distancing. Now, people have to wait even longer than before just to get inside. Another reason this might not be great news is that some people are still at high risk and want to avoid any enclosed area or large groups of people. It’s common to feel stuck between wanting things to go back to normal but also wanting to limit the potential risks as much as possible. Here is a solution that could help with the fears of being put at risk and the need for getting in shape: the stairs of Silverlandia.

​Silver Lake is home to many unique people, restaurants, businesses, and activities. It is an artistic hub for many to express their creativity and feel free from social expectations. The city is also unique in terms of its city’s layout and surrounding area, including a number of outdoor staircases just a short drive from each other. These staircases each traverse along a hill, offering individuals a free workout if climbed.

The Silver Lake Steps

Now, climbing a staircase might seem like an uninspired idea for a workout, but considering they are outside and open 24 hours a day, one would be able to burn off their pandemic bellies, all the while being able to monitor their contact with others and remain socially distanced.

The Micheltorena Stairs, located 3400 Sunset Blvd, are over 2 hundred steps that shoot straight up above Sunset, offering a beautiful view of Silver Lake. The steps are also distinct for its painted design, festooned in hearts and rainbows, making it a very “grammable” location as well.

Mattachine Steps are a short distance away at 2355 Cove Ave. The steps were dedicated to the gay rights organization The Mattachine Society in 2012. These steps have no design features; they are just a long steep staircase that is perfect for burning calories and breaking a sweat. These steps do however have a great view of the Silver Lake Reservoir.

Last on the list is the “Los Angeles, I’m Yours” Staircase located at 1748 Swan Stairs. This staircase might be a bit more populated than the others due to its a large wall on the side often painted by artists who usually create Los Angeles-inspired pieces. This has made the place a very popular tourist attraction, but, again, the outdoors make it a bit safer than an indoor gym, plus there’s so much to look at that makes the experience enjoyable.

Get the Workout You’re Looking For

​If you’re feeling down or unmotivated, take a drive to any one of these three staircases and push yourself to ascend to the top. Remain focused and push yourself and it’ll be worth it when you hit that top step and look out over the city below. Push yourself further and try to do all three in a day. Do you think you can do it?


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