What Is A Perfect Day In Los Feliz?

Perfect Day In Los Feliz

In Los Feliz, you can choose to live in The Oaks, the Laughlin Park or the Franklin Hills. You cannot go wrong with these places. However, when you see some news about the place, you might wonder what it is like living in the neighborhood?

You will only know it if you choose to explore Los Feliz. The good thing is that there are various ways to discover it. To have a perfect day in Los Feliz, you need to start in the morning.

Skylight Books In The Morning

This Indie bookshop can give you several titles. Some authors would also appear randomly during launch events. You can examine its books for your morning reading material. Don’t forget to check out the reading list curated by its staff.

Skylight Books in Silver Lake

Take the book you bought from Skylight Books and read it over a cup of coffee from Bru Coffeebar. Then, for your breakfast, order something from Fred 62, which is open 24/7.

There are shops that you can explore in the afternoon. If you want to see the radical decor, opt for Otherwild. To experience a variety of pop culture, visit Soap Plant Wacko. Cross over Hollywood Boulevard to see Barnsdall Art Park.

At night, you can take a hike to see Griffith Observatory. Or settle in with some views from the Art Deco observatory. As you get to know Los Feliz, you will discover its connection to Mickey Mouse. If you read a lot of news, you might find that Los Feliz is actually the birthplace of Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney built the Pacific Ready-Cut house in 1926 for only $8,000. The price included the 2875 square for a lot. Currently, the building was renovated. However, the history remains. That Walt Disney, Roy, and Ub Iwerks were working on the Mickey Mouse project in that same house. They were working in secret at that time as they were still under commitment to Universal
Studios for the Lucky Rabbit cartoons.

Thus, when you happen to be in the Los Feliz area, try going to 2495 Lyric Avenue. The first cartoon studio of Disney was situated in the garage of Walt’s uncle at 4406 Kinswell Ave. Since the 1980s, it has been open for public viewing.

But in 1926, Disney purchased a larger studio at 2719 Hyperion Ave. In this studio, he created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and several Disney legends. Unfortunately, the studio was demolished in 1966. Currently, it is the Gelson’s market. But Disney did not forget how he started his creations. He continued to use the name Hyperion for his books and theater, among others. Disney, as a studio, is known for Mickey Mouse. However, the mouse commenced in a humble abode on Lyric Avenue in Los Feliz.

If you wish to visit Los Feliz, do not just read the news. Instead, hire a local agent to explain to you the rich history of the place. There is a lot going on here. Expect your travel to be more fun and exciting. You do not need to do anything. Just relax and enjoy your exploration.

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