3 Echo Park Boxing Gyms You Should Check Out Today

Echo Park boxing

Echo Park boxing gyms are popping up left and right to serve as an alternative fitness offering for Angelenos in this side of town. It is, after all, an empowering form of workout that not only helps shed those unwanted pounds, but also provides a confidence booster. 

Echo Park alone is filled with these gyms that could get the job done in terms of helping reach your fitness goals. Here are three good examples you can check out when you’re in town. 


Upon entering the facility, you’ll immediately feel that Gloveworx means business. Some may be intimidated by it, but it does have boxing workouts tailor-fit for everyone, regardless of experience. 

If you’re more serious about getting fit and more skilled with your hands, there are one-on-one sessions for you. And if you feel like you’ve gotten yourself in good enough shape for an upgrade, the gym will offer you, advanced classes, to keep you challenged. 

Amir Boxing

If you want to upgrade your training by involving some kicks, and knee and elbow strikes, Amir Boxing is the place to be. It offers Muay Thai classes for all levels and an exclusive kickboxing class for the ladies. 

Amir Boxing offers a workout that helps build your stamina, power, flexibility, and strength. And likewise, you get a self-esteem boost while you’re at it. 

Echo Park Boxing

The last but certainly not the least item on this list is Echo Park Boxing. Likewise, this spot offers both boxing and Muay Thai for all individuals looking to get themselves in shape. 

But what you likely won’t see in any other gym is the Muay Thai Yoga that Echo Park Boxing offers for its patrons. They offer introductory classes for first-time visitors to give you a chance to get a feel of the place and help you make a more informed decision. 

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