The Best gym in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA

The Best gym in Echo Park

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for the best gym in Echo Park. With so many new places popping up all the time, it can be hard to track which one has the equipment you need or the classes that’ll inspire you to get healthy.

The Echo Park neighbourhood is an eclectic community in central California. Popular for hip boutiques and many artists, musicians, and other creative types who have made it their home. Lots of famous people have lived there. The area revolves around its namesake lake and park. And if you’re on the hunt for the best gym in Echo park, keep reading.

5 Best Gyms in Echo Park to Visit

If you live or planning to visit Echo Park, below are the best gyms you can check out;

Alo Moves

Alo arrived in Los Angeles around 2007. The founders were after spreading Yoga to the world. Since then, their clients have learnt over 2,500 programs taught by different teachers, so there’s something for everyone. Alo Moves in Seattle “connects physical movement, technology, and community into a yoga experience that enables you to have fun while being present” to “provide calm and spread the mindfulness movement.” Its subscribers have completed over 20M lessons. The Alo Moves TGIM challenge on the company’s site lets subscribers share how they start their Mondays (and weeks). 


Here, you will find, The strength, cycle, and Sync studios located in the same building. You can now get strength training, cycling, and syncing in one convenient place! They provide the ass-kicking you anticipate without the sham of LA’s image-driven fitness culture in their body-positive courses. 

The cardio-blasting fun of Hype Cycle sessions is amplified in the more intense and less intimidating Hype Cycle: Power. When you want the best, sweatiest workout possible, head to the Strength Studio and choose from several different training methods. 

The Yoga Studio provides various wellness programs, including Flow, Restore, and 30/30 classes that combine yoga and cycling. You will only fall for gimmicks or get stuck in a rut if you do not change your routine weekly. Their cutting-edge services make it possible to customize and maintain an effective exercise program.

Pharos Athletic Club

Classes in cycling, weightlifting, and Bootcamp are all available here.

The foundation of the Pharos Athletic Club is the three pillars of mechanics, strength, and conditioning, which are all equally important to achieving a high-performance lifestyle, according to the club’s founders. All your preferred physical exertion methods are available in one convenient location, and they provide expert instruction that will propel you beyond your wildest expectations.


The staff at Motivate believes that working out does not require more time but rather more intensity. For this reason, the Silver Lake studio is equipped with state-of-the-art M3 Megaformer machines, which provide a novel combination of strength training, cardio, and core work, as these seasoned fitness enthusiasts envisioned. 

Classes are 45 minutes long and use the Lagree Fitness Method, which involves moderate, resistance-based motions meant to stimulate fat-burning muscle fibres, burn calories, and shape the body from head to toe—encouraging teachers to help students maximize their potential by honing their form and technique in every session.

Sweat Yoga As One Of The Best Gym In Echo Park

Sweat studios promote being yourself rather than conforming to preconceived notions of what a yogi should be. Their students’ cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and overall fitness improve in their hot classes. They offer a modern spin on vinyasa, so be prepared to move!

In every class, they instruct students through sequences before giving them time to work independently. You won’t just work out your body, but also work out your intellect! By focusing on what comes next, you drop that forever-crowded mind to focus on your body and your breath.

Everything you do at Sweat is for you. While they give some support as needed, their teachers leave you space to feel your own body in your way. Sweat offers a supportive environment where all levels and skills can practice yoga – you get to be your guru at Sweat.


Silver Lake is home to AVENIR-LA, a Pilates studio favoured among Los Angeles’s healthy population. Any fitness level can benefit from their high-intensity, low-impact group classes. Reformer Power + Flow 2-3 and Jumpboard Backend Bounce 2 are their two most advanced classes. Reformer Body Tonic 1-2 and Reformer Fundamentals 1 are two gentler classes that may be a better fit if you’re just starting. Simply in need of some muscle relaxation and restoration? Try their Stretch + Release class with the foam rollers, massage balls, and Allegro 2 reformers. Remember, each class is unique, and each instructor has their flavour!

Roam La

ROAM LA is located at 1492 Blake Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90031. Classes at Roam range from alignment-focused Vinyasa to restorative Yin to meditative Kirtan to guided meditation. Both beginning and advanced ROAM classes enjoy their ability to combine creative sequencing with a scientific understanding of the human body. Feel free to use the music as a guide or a means of practice as you focus on your breathing. Be prepared to be inspired, uplifted, and transformed.

Boheme Yoga

Here in the middle of all the action in Downtown Los Angeles, you may go below and relax for a moment. Boheme’s studio has always put the focus on the instructor or teacher. Therefore, the atmosphere is modern and relaxing. With 2 yoga rooms, you can choose from a wide variety of sessions, including hot yoga and high-intensity interval training. They even offer massage therapy and reformer Pilates. 

Boheme facilities include oversized showers and locker areas. Their shop space also features a refill station for everyday household items, green products, and an essential oils counter, which encourages a more environmentally responsible way of life. They care deeply about you and will do anything they can to ensure your happiness and health.

Bottom Line

The Silverlandia is a community-based initiative designed to encourage small and local companies in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Atwater Village to explore and expand their operations. We provide the most recent information on the greatest places to eat, drink, shop, live, and play, and the best gyms in Echo Park. Call us for information on each area.

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