The Best Hiking Spots Near Silver Lake Los Angeles

Silver Lake Los Angeles

Most people associate Los Angeles with Hollywood, the rich, and the famous. Although this city is filled to the brim with glitz, glam, and sequins, that doesn’t prevent it from having beautiful outdoor scenery. Here are some of the best hiking trails just outside of the Silver Lake Los Angeles area.

Elysian Park

The heart of Silver Lake is just 15 minutes away from Elysian Park. This park is integral to Los Angeles history and culture. Elysian is the city’s oldest park and second-largest. Throughout the week, you can find hikers, joggers, and families utilizing the park’s beautiful scenery for exercise and activity.

Elysian Park West Loop Trail

One of the most notable hikes in the Park’s West Loop Trail. This simple 2.3-mile hike provides a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll find beautiful wildflowers, thick trees, and Dewey grass along the trails. This route is heavily trafficked, so it’s the perfect place to bring a date or meet someone new.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the largest park in Los Angeles. This iconic park is home to various attractions, including the Los Angeles Zoo, the Autry Museum, and the Hollywood sign. Whether you’re going to see the lions at the zoo or snap a few pics of the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park is the place to be on a weekend morning.

Hollyridge Trail to Hollywood Sign Viewpoint

One of Griffith Park’s main attractions is the Hollywood sign. One of the best places to view the sign is from the top of the Hollyridge Trail. This five-mile out and back hike is moderately difficult and open year-round. You’ll see other hikers, tourists, and horseback riders on this trail, enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Eaton Canyon Park

Although Eaton Canyon Park is a bit over 20 minutes away from the heart of Silver Lake, it’s still a fan favorite. Eaton Canyon is abundant with hiking trails, beautiful scenery, and active individuals.

Eaton Canyon Trail

Our favorite beginner hike in this park is Eaton Canyon Trail. This simple out and back four-mile hike is suited for any level hiker. Filled with rocks, streams, and wildlife, you’ll see other hikers and families enjoying the route with you.

Silver Lake Los Angeles Is More Than an Urban Jungle

The Los Angeles and Silver Lake area aren’t necessarily known for their outdoor activities. This is a shame, as these areas are filled with terrific parks and getaways. Try visiting any of these recommendations to see what this city is all about.

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