A Guide to the Best Places for Lunch in Silverlake

Best lunch Silverlake

We are sure that most of you will agree that, when it comes to having lunch, there are not many places like Silverlake. If you are sick and tired of spending ages looking for the perfect spot, just to attend a place that wasn’t up to your expectations, you have come to the right place. Let us tell you some considerations you should keep in mind to decide where to go and some restaurants where you can have the best lunch in Silverlake.

The Three Best Places for Lunch in Silverlake

If you are the kind of person who just wants to be told where to have lunch we will start by giving you the three best places for lunch in Silverlake according to Yelp.com. For this ranking, we only considered those restaurants that had at least a hundred reviews: there is no need to say that it is better to have 10 people giving a restaurant a total of 4.9 reviews than only one giving it five stars. If you are here just for tips to decide where to eat, you can skip this paragraph and jump to the next one.

Bacari Silverlake

With a 4.7 rating and over a thousand reviews, Bacari Silverlake is at the top of our ranking for the best lunch in Silverlake. This restaurant is the 5th one of the Kronfli Brothers and it was established in 2021. They serve Mediterranean-influenced dishes like Sea bass or the Oaxacan pasta. As Teresa R. says, “the huge tree in the middle of the place lends to a unique atmosphere”.

The Silver Lake House

This venue specializes in Thai and Asian fusion cuisine and it is qualified with 4.5 stars after five hundred reviews. They have been established in LA for over 25 years and their customers particularly enjoy their Pad Thai and the Papaya Salad. A usual customer, Celine C. expresses that “the patio is really cute as if you have been teleported to southeast Asia!”

Spoon & Pork

The last of our recommendations is a Filipino restaurant that also qualified with a four-and-a-half rating over five and hundreds of reviews. Established five years ago, in 2019 their patita won an award from the Los Angeles Times for one of the best dishes. It consists of braising a pork shank for 15 hours and air drying it for a full day before frying it. It is then glazed in a sweet chili sauce and dusted with crumbles of dried garlic. The result is a tender and thin dish that doesn’t need a knife to be eaten.

Three Useful Tips to Help You Decide

If you would rather make your selection for the best lunch restaurant in Silverlake yourself, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. The first one is to decide how much money you will invest in that meal. There are options for any type of budget, so regardless of your decision you will find a restaurant that suits your needs.

The second one is to conduct a little research before going anywhere. Decide what type of food you are in the mood for and look up online that cuisine style on a platform like Yelp or Zagat that will let you put the results in order. You can then add the budget filter.

Finally, consider the ratings and reviews each restaurant has, as this will give you an overall opinion of the restaurant itself. None of this advice is final, you are the one that has the last word. But they will definitely help you to make an informed decision.

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