Looking for A Bakery in Silverlake? Try These Tasty Treats

Bakery in Silverlake

If you were like many Los Angeles residents who made New Year’s resolutions with an eye toward better health, you may have taken part in “Dry January.” This has become an increasingly popular annual break from alcohol for many as they aim to shake off the boozy aftereffects of the holidays. Well, whether you abstained from alcohol in January, or picked up a new gym membership, it is only fair that you deserve a treat. If you have a hankering for baked goods or are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, you may find yourself searching for a bakery in Silverlake. Fortunately, at Silverlandia, we always have the details on the latest East Side eateries, and that extends to bakeries and dessert shops as well.

Of course, it is worth considering that the concept of what a bakery can be has really evolved in recent years. No longer just a place to pick up freshly baked bread or sweet pastries, the modern bakery can present a full-on, high-level dining experience. As Los Angeles is one of the premier food cities in the world, it is no surprise that our fair city is also at the front of the pack when it comes to baked goods. Read on to learn more about a couple of must-visit bakeries in the Silverlake area.

Tartine Remains an Unparalleled Experience

If you are an East Side native or resident, you have probably heard of Tartine, if you have not darkened their doorways already. What started as a bakery in San Francisco owned and operated by chefs Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Pruett, Tartine currently has 14 local global locations, five of which are in Los Angeles. Tartine’s Silverlake bakery still offers the best sourdough in Los Angeles, and their classic lemon cream tart can definitely appease even the most ravenous sweet tooth. Though Tartine’s recent expansion may have worried some about a potential drop-off in quality, it does not appear that this bakery behemoth has lost a step.

Good Things Come in Small Packages at the Gemini Bakehouse

Another East Side bakery in Silverlake worth checking out is the Gemini Bakehouse. Though the shop itself is small, and the hours can be somewhat unpredictable, it all ends up contributing to the undeniable charm of the Gemini Bakehouse. Operated by owners Connor and Hannah Smith, the Gemini Bakehouse frequently updates its daily offerings to keep the menu fresh and interesting. If you plan to swing by this spot, we would recommend the soft oatmeal cream pie or the strawberry shortcake doughnut. If you are looking to pick up a loaf of bread, the Gemini Bakehouse also makes a mean sourdough.

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