The Attic Antique Store in Atwater Village

The Attic antique store in Atwater Village

Founded in 2015, The Attic is a rare antique store with a lot of charm. You’ll never expect what treasures you’ll find at this store. From decoration and memorabilia to old books and stereos. The Attic has something for everyone’s unique tastes. The Attic antique store offers a multitude of different gifts to satisfy the needs of distinctive customers.

The Attic store sells one-of-a-kind items that are not found in local stores. It sells to a selective group of customers who want unique, unusual pieces. Offering these types of items creates a strong sense of gratification because each piece has a story to tell. Try experiencing that at chain retail.

Being a small local business has many advantages over the big box retailers. Knowing your customers personally is just one example. This allows the employees to understand their customer’s unique preferences and form relationships. This is what a small business should be all about. It’s refreshing to see some small businesses surviving in an age of extreme competition and closures.

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