Atwater Village News: Prized Lamp Posts Safely Removed

Atwater Village News

Tucked on the edges of Los Angeles’ east side, Atwater Village has become a trendy destination for Angelinos and tourists alike. If you keep up with Atwater Village news, you are likely in the know about the area’s notable eateries and boutique shopping. But beyond the latest in-demand restaurants and stores, Atwater Village is also an area of LA that is rich with history. That history has lately been the target of thieves, which has led to some rather unconventional action by the local authorities.

A Historic Landmark Draws Unwanted Attention

Built-in 1927, the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge spans Interstate 5 and the Los Angeles River. The concrete arch bridge is a striking piece of architecture that is something of a local attraction for history enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it has also caught the attention of some rather emboldened thieves as its statuesque bronze lamp posts have been stolen at an alarming rate.

Disappearing Bronze Lamp Posts

The Glendale-Hyperion Bridge is adorned with roughly 70 bronze lamp posts. These picturesque pillars of light serve to illuminate the bridge in the evening, giving motorists and pedestrians alike well-lit passageways to and from Atwater Village. Since September of 2021, however, these lamp posts have been disappearing. Enterprising thieves have taken to removing these lamp posts, likely due to the value of bronze. According to authorities, In a few short months, 22 light posts have gone missing. While the first case of a stolen light on the bridge can be traced back to 2013, the problem has worsened in recent months.

Preserving the Past

To stymie potential burglars, the Los Angeles Bureau of Lighting has taken action. Over the holidays, city crews worked tirelessly to remove all of the remaining lamp posts from the bridge, placing them safely in an unidentified storage location. The city had recently removed 18 of these lights, but with an uptick in crime, they decided to take them all off of their fixtures. According to Department of Public Works spokeswoman Elena Stern, these antique lights will be replaced with temporary fixtures. The Glendale-Hyperion Bridge is slated for an upcoming renovation. This overhaul will modernize the bridge while preserving its historical elements. Residents can expect the bronze lamp posts returned soon, though likely with some new safeguards.

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