Closures in Los Angeles – What You Should Know

closures Los Angeles

With the confusing state of the world at the time, it’s normal to get lost in the clutter of the neverending news cycle. It’s perfectly understandable to be overwhelmed by what’s going on and it’s important to take a break from it occasionally. However, it’s good to be aware of how your daily life is going to be affected by the ongoing outbreak. Across Los Angeles, certain measures have been taken in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These have resulted in the closure of several different businesses and venues.


Closures in Los Angeles

As per an executive order of the mayor of Los Angeles, several establishments are to be closed under city law. Places such as bars and nightclubs, movie theaters and performance spaces, gyms and fitness studios, and dine-in restaurants within the city of Los Angeles are all to be closed to the public. There are exceptions, however, that apply to restaurants and bars. These places can remain open for takeout and delivery orders only, there should be no dining in options available. These measures are all meant to reduce the possible spread of the outbreak and reasonably contain it.

Stay Inside

Still, it’s worth noting that even if these places were to remain open, you shouldn’t be going to them. It’s important to understand the part that we each play in the spread of this virus and that even those who don’t display any symptoms could potentially be carrying it. Right now, it is best to limit your contact with the outside world as much as possible. This means taking care of yourself and those around you so that the situation can fall under control. If you exercise caution and take preemptive measures, you are contributing your own little share to the overall efforts to reduce the spread of the outbreak. Thank you for doing your part and do your best to stay healthy!

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