CULTIVATE Your Pose in Atwater Village

atwater village

How is your child’s pose? If you’re anything like me, you dream about the moment your yoga instructor tells you to find your way to this tasty pose at the end of a long, sweaty flow. CULTIVATE is a family-run meditation and wellness studio situated in Los Angeles’ vibrant heart of Atwater Village, nestled conveniently between Silverlake and Glendale. Although, other studios focus on correcting flaws and fixing problems. Cultivate provides the tools to help you gain peace, mindfulness, and compassion. 

CULTIVATE provides 50% off new clients and allows you to choose your own trainer. They provide various yoga techniques that are for beginners and advance client. Come experience CULTIVATE bring your family, and friends to enjoy a nice yoga session and leave refreshed ready to take on the day!



LOS ANGELES, CA 90039   

(323) 407-6344 

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