The DustMuffin shop in Silver Lake


Dustmuffin originally started as a successful jewelry store, which evolved into a newer shop featuring art and vintage pieces.  DustMuffin is owned by husband and wife, Kerry Vitiello and James Clark, and co-owner Diana Jacobs. They search far and wide at auctions and estate sales here in Los Angeles, in other parts of the US and even outside the country for unique items to offer to their customers. DustMuffin has an artsy, urban feel to it, and when you walk into the store you are always greeted with a warm smile. I came in just to take photos, and found I couldn’t resist making a purchase. There was an amazing vintage typewriter that I fell in love with! It was so gorgeous, although I decided to take a photo of it instead.

Other than being a cool store, they also have cool events! Their next upcoming event is The Preservation of Romance which will consist of photos by the Artist Hayley Elchenbaum. This event is going to be held at the DustMuffin on February 24 from 6-9 p.m. Don’t forget to mark it down on your calendars, we already did!

Not only is their artwork creative, their owners are too! Kerry has a background in graphic design and will be coming out with her own products at DustMuffin in the near future. Diana is a “botanical illustrator, large canvases, lithographs, etchings, jewelry and assemblages in shadow boxes.” Creative right? Additionally, she uses “elements from old clocks and watches, bones from owl pellets and antique doll parts time is a theme that is consistent in her work.” Last but not least, James is a voice over actor and a photographer. Those are some creative owners!








Other than being amazing artists and showcasing unique treasures in their store, they also love the community. “We love the community aspect of having a brick and mortar store.  We know our customers’ names, our neighbors and have made some very good friends doing what we do.   We have seen neighborhood kids grow up in the past 5 years!” So what are you waiting for, give them a visit, you’ll find some cool stuff and you might even become best-friends (Silverlandia already did)!


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