The Laundry Truck LA Provides Clean Clothes for Unhoused Families

laundry truck la

At nearly 59,000 people, Los Angeles County has the second-highest population of people experiencing homelessness in the country. In fact, the numbers are unofficially thought to be over a hundred thousand, with 75% of these people unsheltered. While this is a problem year-round, the pandemic and the current heatwave have heightened the consequences of homelessness. Government resources for the homeless population are scarce, which is why grassroots organizations are taking care of their needs. Among them, The Laundry Truck LA has emerged as a potential helper for unhoused residents who need to clean their clothes.

The Laundry Truck LA

Between the pandemic and the high temperatures, cleanliness is more important than ever. Possible pathogens are everywhere, and the sweat brought forth by the heat doesn’t help. This is why The Laundry Truck LA is “making an effort to provide the unhoused population of Los Angeles with access to free laundry,” according to their website. “Clean clothing is an essential part of healthy hygiene and overall self-esteem. The Laundry Truck LA aims to restore a bit of dignity and hope to our local homeless communities through free laundry service”. People in the Silver Lake and Echo Park area can easily make use of their services. Fridays between 8 pm and 4 pm, you will find The Laundry Truck at the Echo Park Community Center at 302 Patton St. For information on more of their locations, visit their website.

Support the Cause

As you can see, the folks at The Laundry Truck are committed to a very good cause. Clean clothes may not solve homelessness, but it does help individuals on a case by case scenario. There are three different ways in which you can help them too. On one hand, you can donate to them. Pretty easy, right? You can also help them fundraise by spreading the word about their cause on social media. Lastly, you can volunteer with them, helping them set up and carry out their free services.