Los Feliz Entertainment News: One A-Lister Exits As Two Enter

Los Feliz news

If there is one thing that you can always guarantee in the Los Feliz news, it is that A-list celebrities are always going to make headlines somehow! This increasingly desirable location with a long history of celebrity occupants is home in Los Angeles for many of the most famous names in the world of cinema, music, and entertainment.

Of course, another thing that you can also guarantee is that when a person has unlimited resources, they aren’t likely to stick in the same spot for a long time! This is the case in the ever-evolving Los Feliz area, and most recently there has been a big exit that has been balanced out by an even bigger entrance! Let’s dive into the gossip and take a look at who is saying goodbye to Los Feliz, and who is saying hello!

Los Feliz News – Who Has Moved Out?

We’re sorry to see him go, but the A-lister planning on moving out of the area is none other than Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Wolf of Wall Street star has listed his home in the foothills of Griffith Park for a whopping $5.75 million.

Leo has only been a property owner in the area for three years after purchasing the 95-year-old home from superstar DJ Moby back in 2018 for $4.9m, but he has decided that he spends more time in his main Malibu residence, so this English style Los Feliz holiday home is now up for grabs!

He might be gone for now, but maybe Leo will be back in the neighborhood in the future!

Who Has Moved In?

So, as one of the world’s biggest heartthrobs of the 90s moves away, one of the 21st century’s biggest heartthrobs seems to be moving in! We’re talking, of course, about music superstar Harry Styles and his rumored new love, actress, and director Olivia Wilde.

The allegedly loved-up pair, 27 and 37, are believed to have taken up residence in a Los Feliz home owned by Lourdes Hernandez and Sach Leigh, estimated to be paying around $10,000 per month in rent for the privilege!

The home was originally purchased by Hernandez and Leigh back in 2019 for a relatively modest $2.45 million, and Styles and Wilde enjoy a more laid-back kind of lifestyle, as though amazing and expensive, the home enjoys a more simple luxury than some others in the area. Whether or not the couple will stay together for the long haul, we couldn’t possibly say just yet, but Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are enjoying Los Feliz domesticity together and we hope that the neighborhood gets to claim them for a long time to come!

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