Los Feliz Restaurants Spotlight: Fred 62

Los Feliz Restaurants

By Alejandra Villarreal

Silverlandia Contributor

One of the most popular Los Feliz restaurants is the 24-hour-diner Fred 62 in the village.   The diner has a vibrant, retro-interior with old-school charm featuring diverse menu serving cross-cuisine, American-centric food.  Fred has made its home at the corner of Russell and Vermont Avenues  for the past 16 years.  The hip-retro interior leaves you feeling like you’ve traveled back in time as you sit in your booth with thick leather seating or at the pantry on a stool. After trying it the first time, the place quickly became one of my favorite spots– especially after I found out they are dog-friendly! Fred 62 welcomes our furry friends to sit alongside us while we enjoy a their specialty drinks and dishes on the patio.

Their menu selection does not fall short when it comes to gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. They offer a large selection for all foodies! They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and you can find their late night snacks under the Stoners & Drunkards menu. Did I mention they are open 24 hours? Fred’s is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to make sure no one goes hungry.

For breakfast, I recommend the New Amsterdam sandwich, which has some of the fluffiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever encountered between soft brioche buns.  For lunch, try the “Pastramid” short rib sandwich– the slow-cooked meat is tender, juicy and flavorful.  A really decadent (a bit greasy) appetizer dish is the fried mac n’ cheese balls, but I really recommend giving it a try– as an entree or even sharing it with friends.

My favorite item (on the healthy side) is their signature wrap, the Poorboy Richgirl! It has chili shrimp, crispy golden chicken, and a yummy garden of greens all wrapped in rice paper with Cajun dipping sauce.  Don’t let the tasty food distract you from your thirsty side. Quench your thirst with some of their large variety of beverages, such as, wines, beers, tasty mimosas, or lattes—to name a few.  It’s diner-style, but there are cold beer taps available for tall drafts. The Fred 62 experience is not one that will be easily forgotten, unless it’s after a long night at the Dresden across the street or at another of the trendy bars at the village.

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