At the Corner of Lyric and Hyperion – The Hipster Silver Lake Cafe

Silver Lake Cafe

Los Angeles is a Mecca to those who never fit in back in their hometowns, and when such wildly different people from everywhere in the world converge in one place you’re bound to find something interesting and unique. That blend takes form in an ever-alternative Silver Lake cafe at the corner of Lyric and Hyperion.

Walk in. Take a seat amidst the decorative decadence and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and one of the house’s gourmet (diet and allergy-friendly) sandwiches, both of which will look great on your Insta-story. Maybe you’ll sit outside and enjoy a parfait on the shaded deck as you work on your latest screenplay. Perhaps your day job is a nightmare and you need a drink, so you head over to the bar. Regardless, at the end of the day, you can count on a show, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Welcome to the Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe.

A Space for Anyone and Everyone

An eccentric little venue that borders on the pretentious (and what about it?), this Silver Lake cafe is a definite triple threat: a cafe, bar, and theater that plays host to a variety of acts on a near-daily basis. These range from your run-of-the-mill LA stand-up to one-person shows so specific that anyone is bound to find themselves represented.

Because if there’s something the Lyric Hyperion prides itself on is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Self-described as a space by artists for artists, the Theatre & Cafe aims at being a sanctuary free of societal judgment. The space encourages women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community to feel at ease within its walls and live to their full creative potential on its stage. Whatever your niche is, here they are totally into that.

Silver Lake Cafe

February at the Silver Lake Cafe

So plan a visit sometime soon! This month at the Lyric Hyperion you can enjoy some of the most shamelessly out-there and hopelessly niche performance art you’re bound to find in the area. Fans of the popular podcast The Bechdel Cast can catch host Jamie Loftus workshopping her latest routine Boss, Whom Is Girl: a self-described “fabulous keynote presentation from girl boss Shell Gasoline-Sandwich” tackling faux corporate empowerment.  No Valentine’s Day plans? The St. Valentine’s Show can be your source of joy on this otherwise depressing holiday as hosts Lady Love and Johnny T. Ass invite you over for “an evening of love and laughter.” VIP tickets even include champagne and a massage.

There is no shortage of alternative entertainment to be found at the Lyric Hyperion. Tickets for most events range between $5 and $12, half of what you’ll be charged at most comedy clubs. So don’t be afraid to try something new! Grab a drink and enjoy a show that may challenge your worldview and make you laugh in the process.

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