Side Gigs for LA Women at Home

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More now than ever, women at home are looking for ways to make extra money. One of the biggest constraints women face is trying to fit a side gig into an already packed schedule. Given your personal demands, it may seem impossible to add a side gig to your plate, but somehow you just do find the time.


Microwork sites


Taking on a side hustle doesn’t for one minute mean that you have to give up your full-time job. The idea is to make extra money at a time when our lives and our jobs have changed forever. 


There are lots of opportunities in a gig economy to make your skills available as a freelancer. There are many businesses these days hiring short- and long-term project-freelancers to perform one-off tasks. 


Graphic creation, website updates, data entry and research are just some. You’ll see these microwork sites, all of them connecting freelancers to those businesses that require the skills they have.


Teach online 


Kids these days are losing out on school because of Covid-19. If you’re a teacher who is out of a job waiting for school to resume as normal, why don’t you start a side gig with your teaching skills? 


If you’re good at maths, why not put together a video explaining some of the concepts on your own website? By getting together a high-value video tutorial and a screencasting app, you can take your students through your tutorial.


You’ll be making bucks as students enroll in your online tutorials. You can leave a contact number for them if they have questions. 


Online designer rentals


Many people working from home haven’t spent money on clothes and accessories, and they may need something decent to wear for a special occasion, even if it’s only for a zoom session. 


Rental businesses can make a good amount of money renting out designer items to those who can’t afford them and who don’t want to buy them. 


If you have good knowledge about fashion and a bit of spare cash saved, invest in a few classy items that you can rent out to people who require them once-off. 


Graphic designer


Have you got graphic design skills? The world is busy moving online and people want logos and websites to do just that.


With the use of technological tools, graphic design software and coding language, you can put your graphic design skills to work with a side gig and help people get their websites up and running. You can help them with other tasks requiring design skills and bring in some extra cash for yourself. 


Digital marketing to get the ball rolling


Not sure how to get your own side gig up and running? Growing an online side business is no simple task. With the best digital marketing company near you, however, you can achieve awesome results as they have all the skills and knowledge of digital marketing.


If you’re not going to give your side gig your full attention, why not think of hiring a virtual assistant, especially as your side hustle starts picking up in leaps and bounds? They will take some responsibilities off your plate as they promote your store to the right people to bring in big business.



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