Nurture Your Body And Mind At TempleWork LA, Atwater Village

TempleWork LA

TempleWork LA  is a healing place located in the heart of Atwater Village.  The boutique facility is owned and operated by Anna Marie Wood.   Her personal story of energetic studies begins with treating a traumatic chiropractic injury with two craniosacral sessions.  She is an avid supporter of chiropractic, but when the personal human system is weakened to some degree, it can go into trauma.  This could be emotional trauma.  This could be physical trauma.  The human body will learn to acclimate within that trauma.   An Integrated Craniosacral Unwinding session was what eventually aligned her body and system.  So begins her studies with energy based modalities.


TempleWork LA is a business built solely on nurturing the human body and mind with therapeutic massage, bodywork, and energy work.   Their services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Advanced Circulatory, Prenatal, and Sports Massage, as well as more exclusive modalities such as Integrated Craniosacral Unwinding, Raindrop Treatment, Polarity Therapy, Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing.  This is by no means a “cookie cutter” massage practice!  They look forward to future offerings of sound bath meditations on a monthly basis.

Giving Back To The Creative Community

Anna Marie is an absolute nurturer and also highly creative.   She believes that, without question, energy is housed in objects as well as humans.  She hand-picked selected antiques to fill the space.   It is apparent that a carefully thought out “hands on approach” was utilized in decorating and implementing her vision of this “healing place”.  Because of her creativity and passion, Anna Marie would like to give back to others in the creative community by offering discounted services to SAG-AFTRA members.  TempleWork LA also extends discounts to KCRW Fringe Benefits cardholders and happily accepts Spa and Wellness gift cards.  Please visit their site at for full details.

“We are living in a very fast paced, traffic filled, mobile device laden time.  I believe the combination of massage and energy work allows our most precious human spirits to experience the grounded life we were meant to live while on this planet.”  Anna Marie Wood

TempleWork LA

Nurture Your Body And Mind

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