The Silverlake Lounge is Your Local Neighborhood Watering Hole


The Silverlake Lounge has been serving LA’s eastside community quality cocktails, craft beers, and unique spirits since 1938. Since its inception, the Silverlake lounge has stood with the indie music scene and LGBTQ communities. It’s safe to say you’re missing out If you don’t have tickets to one of their upcoming shows.

Supporting the LGBTQ Community

The Silverlake Lounge isn’t just a pub you visit on the weekends. No, this bar is a crucial business in our community. The venue has been an early stage for drag and gay cabaret acts, as well as a safe space for non-identifying Latinx locals.

Gaining Notoriety in The Early 2000s

Although the lounge has been around since 1938, it gained a tremendous amount of notoriety in the early 2000s. The bar was a central hub and catalyst for the indie music scene. Rilo Kiley, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Silversun Pickups have all blessed the stage accordingly.

Independence at Its Best

The Silverlake Lounge is one of the longest-standing, independent, live music venues in our community. The bar blends subcultures, and music genres and spreads positivity throughout the neighborhood. The diversity of the LGBTQ community and indie music scene regularly shake up the space.

A Safe Space for Anyone

Anyone can visit the Silverlake lounge. The bar supports the creatives, the queer BIPOC community, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else who want’s to drink alcohol and receive great entertainment. Silverlake Lounge is genuinely one of the last properties that serve our community as a whole.

Get a Drink at Silverlake Lounge

The bar calls itself the local watering hole for a reason. The Silverlake Lounge has been serving drinks to our community for nearly 85 years. You can find something to quench your thirst at affordable prices, whether you’re looking for a Gimlet, PBR, or a glass of Prosecco. Take a look at their entire drink menu for a better idea.

Upcoming Shows

There are always upcoming shows If you’re ready to walk into Silverlake Lounge and be greeted with open arms. You can see their show Therapy Sessions Volume II for free on March 1st. The live music event features local music selections from Sam Blehar, Jaelan, and Vaeso.

Or get your indie fix with their upcoming show, Frat Mouse w/Mandala. The indie band will be playing tracks that evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, creating the perfect atmosphere for a low-key date night.

Support The Silver Lake Lounge and Your Community

Regardless if you stop in for a few drinks or see one of their shows, by supporting Silverlake Lounge, you’re supporting your community. Without spaces like these, our home would feel less like a home. Please visit their official site for a complete list of their hours, menu, and COVID-19 guidelines.

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