Local Photographer Alfonso Salcedo Documents a Los Angeles in Lockdown

Los Angeles lockdown

As Los Angeles continues to power through this unexpected quarantine, a lot of people find themselves aimless. Many people are, after all, unable to keep working during this time, even from home. Stagnancy can become frustrating, as you probably already know. In order to overcome this frustration, Echo Park-based photographer Alfonso Salcedo has set off to capture images of the city during this uncertain time. His experience as a portrait and documentary photographer has nurtured an interest in documenting Los Angeles in lockdown.

Photographer Alfonso Salcedo

Portrait and documentary photographer Alfonso Salcedo has a long career working in film and photography, having previously been involved in both live-action and animated productions. He has traveled across the world with his camera, amassing a diverse and intriguing portfolio. He has gained extensive experience in portraiture, travel, reportage, and lifestyle photography. Capturing all sorts of people and places for posterity, Salcedo has developed a particular style. In his own words, “Photography has been a part of my life since I first picked up a camera as a kid, and my Dad taught me how to see the world through the lens.”

A Los Angeles in Lockdown

Salcedo recently stated that he lost his paid freelance work due to the ongoing pandemic. Following this, he started to feel the need to capture the city’s changing reality. He subsequently established the website Los Angeles in Lockdown, in which he hopes to document the change of consciousness of the city and its people through the coronavirus outbreak. The website is not just serving as a gallery for Salcedo’s haunting images of a crisis-stricken city. It also serves as a vehicle to find new subjects for the project. 

By visiting his website, you can submit yourself and your situation for the project, take a look at the existing work and donate to his cause. “In a time where we are all so separate,” he says, “I believe the best way forward is through the community. I hope to touch that with this project.” You too can be a part of this.