Are We Allowed Outside? Enjoying the Outdoors While Being Socially Distant

are we allowed outside

As socially-responsible citizens, we are all avoiding crowds and remaining socially distant, aren’t we? In fact, Los Angeles County recently received an A+ in regard to social distance. This means that most of us are keeping ourselves healthy, but it also means we are getting a little restless. Gyms are closed, after all, so what are you supposed to do? Are we allowed outside? Well, you can still go outside and enjoy the outdoors, but keep in mind a few indications.

You Are Allowed Outside, Just Avoid Crowded Parks

The point of social distance is to avoid other people, of course. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors. However, it does mean that if you do want to go outside then you should do your best to avoid the more frequented spots for jogging or hiking. In fact, in order to keep locals from crowding the hiking trails, a lot of the more popular ones have been closed. If you want to go jogging or walking, try to go to less crowded places.

Maintain Your Distance From Others

If you are going out to jog or walk around to keep yourself in these times of quarantine, then it’s always a good idea to do so while avoiding coming into contact with other people. You might think this isn’t that hard and you are definitely right, but it still requires some conscious effort. Remember that it is very important to stay at least six feet away from people. This can be quite hard to do in LA’s narrow sidewalks. Try to keep this in mind as you practice exercising. 

Don’t Touch Anything

You don’t realize it until you are consciously avoiding it, but we tend to touch more things than we think while we are outside. Railings, crosswalk buttons, and fences, among other stuff, are being mindlessly touched all the time. In order to prevent potentially coming in touch with infected surfaces, avoid touching just about anything, at least with your hands. Still, don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands once you get home.