Avoid Parks, Beaches, and Hiking in Quarantine

hiking in quarantine

Due to the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti have been implementing drastic measures in order to help contain the spread of the virus and not overwhelm the healthcare system. California is preparing for a potential surge this coming week, so it’s necessary that we all put in our own effort to help lighten it. Despite the regulations, a lot of people continue to go to beaches and trails, swimming and hiking in quarantine. Beaches and hiking trails ended up being fairly crowded throughout the last weekend which is not the point of these efforts. Here are a few alternatives.

Alternatives to Hiking in Quarantine

It’s important to remember that if we really want to contain this spread it will be key to be strict with ourselves. Thinking “oh it’s fine, I’ll just go hiking by myself” might seem like a reasonable idea until you realize that a lot of people probably had the same though. After all, it’s Los Angeles. That’s why beaches, hiking trails, and national parks are going to be closed until further notice. It’s understandable to be frustrated about this. We need exercise and time outdoors, don’t we? The stay at home order intends to take this into account. You can still go exercise outside, you’ll just need to make a few compromises.

Exercise Close to Home

The current stay at home order does not mean that you can’t leave your apartment. Obviously you can still go out to get food, medication, and similar supplies. At the same time, you are still allowed to go outside to exercise. You need to not grow stagnant and enjoy fresh air. People are being encouraged to exercise close to their home, jogging or walking in the vicinity. As long as you avoid being within six feet of other people, you should be fine. A byproduct of the quarantine is an increased air quality given the lack of vehicles. You might as well enjoy that too! Don’t forget that working out at home is also an option.

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