Silver Lake Residents Come Together (Apart) to Thank COVID-19 Responders

COVD-19 responders

As you probably know, healthcare workers all across the world are currently working hard to fight back against the growing coronavirus pandemic. The circumstances are far from ideal for them, with a lot of them unable to go back to their families without the fear of bringing the virus back with them. Shortages of protective gear have led to an increased risk of contagion for treating professionals and there is a general fear of the healthcare system not being prepared to handle the scope of the pandemic. Given this situation, it is understandable to want to show the COVID-19 responders some appreciation. Local Silver Lake residents chose to do so last night.

Thanking Silver Lake’s COVID-19 Responders

Silver Lake is home to a variety of medical facilities, including the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, and the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. Even before this pandemic, the medical staff in these hospitals worked incredibly hard to maintain the city residents healthy. Right now, with so much uncertainty regarding the future, they keep doing so tirelessly. In order to thank them, local residents got together (figuratively, remember to socially distance!) to give them the applause they deserve Sunday March 29th at 8 pm. The Silver Lake population clapped, banged pots, and cheered in order to thank local healthcare workers for their efforts. These have been taking place the last few nights as well.

Help Healthcare Workers Contain the Outbreak

Of course, the best way to thank the medical professionals that are doing their best to contain this outbreak is to, well, help them contain the outbreak. Healthcare workers are encouraging people everywhere to practice social distancing and isolation, staying home except for the most vital activities, such as grocery shopping or working essential services. Try to work and exercise from home if possible. This, COVID-19 responders say, is the best way to ultimately stop the spread of the disease. They are not staying home so that you can. Please show your appreciation this way.