WOOD Silver Lake Offers a New Grocery Delivery Menu

grocery delivery

Most locals are already familiar with WOOD, a deliciously authentic Italian restaurant near the intersection of Sunset and Silver Lake. Their rustic artisanal pizzas and upscale dishes at affordable prices have delighted the area’s residents for a while now, providing a wonderful atmosphere in which to enjoy them. However, at the moment they are not providing sit-down service given the current circumstances. While a lot of pizza places continue to offer delivery and takeout, WOOD is going a step further. They have curated a new grocery delivery menu that can provide you with pantry essentials, dairy offerings, pasta, fruits and vegetables, drinks, and the like.

WOOD Grocery Delivery

The current situation is understandably disorienting. Grocery stores are consistently packed with people and devoid of most necessities. A lot of people are hence uneasy about going out to get food. In order to address this and help people through this, WOOD has developed a new food delivery menu that can help provide people with the bare necessities they might be struggling to get otherwise. The local restaurant is offering pantry essentials such as house bread, dry pasta, olive oil, and salt. Additionally, they offer fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, strawberries, avocados, and tomatoes, among many others. You can also get dairy offerings, such as milk and cheese, as well as the ingredients to make your very own WOOD pasta. If you feel like getting pizza, you can get a lightly-baked pizza that you can finish up by yourself and enjoy later.

Order Groceries 

We all know how stressful getting groceries has been lately. There’s no need for the situation to be even more pressing. By emailing WOOD at info@woodsilverlake.com or calling them at (323) 667-9940, you can order some of their many delivery offerings. This way you can enjoy the delicious taste of WOOD’s menu in the comfort of your own home. For more information, b sure to visit their website.

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