Amazing Hikes in Los Angeles For Daily Exercise

amazing hikes in los angeles

Being outdoors and getting exercise is essential to keeping your mental and physical health intact. It’s amazing to see what even walking thirty minutes a day and getting some sunlight can do to improve your day. Hiking is a great way to get some movement into your daily life. Los Angeles has some of the most amazing hikes in California, which is why here we recommend some hiking trails for your weekend adventure or morning walk.

Mishe Mokwa Trail

amazing hikes in los angeles
Photo by Modern Hiker

This is a perfect Los Angeles hike for any season and can be done again and again without getting tired of the scenic landscape. This hike takes about three hours and carries a distance of about six miles. It is not a completely easy hike, but the ocean view and mountains around, you will forget that you are on a hike. Sightseeing and exercise, sign us up!

Los Liones Trail

amazing hikes in los angelesPhoto by RootsRated

This is quite a popular hike, so please be mindful of crowds and social distancing. This beautiful hike takes around four hours to complete and runs at a distance of about seven and a half miles. With a fair amount of shade and the gorgeous coastal view, this trail proves that hiking can be both challenging and enjoyable. 

Kenneth Hahn Community Loop Trail

amazing hikes in los angelesPhoto by Hike It Baby

If you’re not a fan of huge elevation increases, this hike is for you! A pleasant walk around this Los Angeles park takes an hour and a half at about a distance of two and a half miles. People often bird-watch and make use of the large open greenery for an amazing outdoor adventure. This park just shows that Los Angeles is not just full of cityscapes.

Hike to the Wisdom Tree

amazing hikes in los angelesPhoto by Rock Chuck Summit

This hike is a lot more rugged and a bit more challenging. This hike to the wisdom tree takes about two hours and is a distance of three miles. This trail is in one of Los Angeles’ most popular parks, Griffith Park. It’s a tough hike where you will need to be careful of your footing, but the view is worth it. 

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