Learn More About How the Los Angeles Tenants Union Fights for Renters

Los Angeles tenants union

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit the range of our activities and, for a lot of people, this includes their livelihoods. People continue to have their income limited by the restrictions of the pandemic and the government isn’t providing residents with enough help to navigate through this situation. Rent relief, for example, has been particularly scant. While there have been some renter protections in place, such an eviction moratorium, this isn’t enough. If you, like other residents, are concerned about how you will pay rent next month, there are ways to seek out help. That’s what the Los Angeles Tenants Union is here for.

Los Angeles Tenants Union

If you are an employee, you are probably familiar with the concept of unions. As you probably know, their purpose is to negotiate in favor of a group of workers. However, there are more types of unions than just labor ones. Among them, you will find the Los Angeles Tenants Union. They describe themselves as “an autonomous, member-funded union which fights for the human right to housing”. They organize tenants against evictions and harassment through rent strikes, direct action, and media campaigns. Right now, they are rallying tenants in order to seek out rent forgiveness and avoid an eviction crisis. In a city where homelessness and housing security are already such a problem, the Los Angeles Tenants Union seeks to protect renters.

Join the Tenants Union

The Tenants Union has a variety of different resources available for those concerned about their housing situation. For simply five dollars a month, you can join the union. Through mass membership, they are able to fight mass eviction. As they state themselves, “joining the union will amplify our demands for rent forgiveness and housing for all in this time of unprecedented crisis”. If interested, head over to their website to learn more about them.

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