Best Fall Activities Near Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Fall is officially upon us, and that means there’s more to do in Silver Lake. The changing seasons are excellent for new activities and beginnings. Whether you’re going on a chilly hike or shopping in boutiques, there is always something brimming to the surface in our neighborhood. Consider these activities to celebrate fall and winter in Silver Lake, California. 

Go For a Brisk Morning Hike

Everyone loves the weather in California, regardless of the season. But fall is the perfect time for brisk hikes and outdoor activities. With temperatures in the mid-’70s, you can get your exercise in without breaking a sweat.

Go for a quick jog through Elysian Park for some morning exercise. Or head to the top of Hollyridge Trail for scenic views of the city. Either way, fall is an excellent time to head outdoors and get some fresh air. 

Fall Shopping

Silver Lake is known for chic boutiques, art, and shopping. Fall is a fantastic time to walk through the neighborhood and shop for unique pieces of art, jewelry, and fashion. The cold temperatures and fresh breeze of fall are sure to elevate your shopping experience.

Try shopping for vintage goods at local boutiques like super goodies. Or find popular brands like Calvin Klein and Adidas at Forestall. Who knows, maybe you can finish your Christmas shopping early while enjoying your weekend. 

Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins and making jack o’lanterns is a staple fall activity, regardless if you’re in Silver Lake or North Hollywood. Carving pumpkins is perfect for families, casual dates, or hanging out with friends. You can find pumpkins and carving sets at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. 

Visit an Art Gallery

Silver Lake is home to countless art galleries with unique pieces that are sure to inspire your creative side. The fall and colder months are perfect for visiting art galleries on the weekends, as you won’t get too hot or uncomfortable. 

Check out any of the art galleries near Silver Lake, like Müsh, iam8bit, or La Luz De Jesus. These establishments are perfect for a weekend outing with friends, partners, or family members. 

Visit an Apple Orchard

Visiting an apple orchard and picking apples is a fantastic experience if you can make the drive outside of Silver Lake. California has several apple orchards like Parrish Pioneer Ranch, Snow-Line Orchard, and Willowbrook Apple Farm.

Some of these locations offer wine tasting, cider pressing, and petting zoos, making it a fantastic choice for any occasion. Whether you have young children or a romantic partner, visiting an apple orchard is a fall activity you can’t miss. 

Get Festive With Decorations

One way to celebrate the changing seasons is with festive decorations around your house. Welcome the fall and winter months with pumpkins, wreaths, and floral arrangements. Decorating your space can brighten your environment and inspire a fresh start. Check out local boutiques or the farmer’s market for fall decor.

Are You Fall Ready Silver Lake?

Fall is upon us, and that means it’s almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily, you can welcome the season with a few of the activities mentioned above. Either way, this season is an excellent time for catching up with family and loved ones. Stay festive, Silver Lake.

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