Here’s How to Contact the Los Angeles City Council

contact los angeles city council

It’s always good to remember that we live in a democracy. This means that there are elected officials that are hired to represent the interests of everyday citizens such as ourselves. This also means that there are ways for you to make your voice heard in a variety of cases. For example, are you unhappy with the distribution of the city budget? Are the current renter protections not enough? Or does it seems like the city’s priorities are misguided? As you can see, there are many reasons why would want to contact your elected representatives. Well, here’s one way to do so. You can contact Los Angeles City Council.

Why Reach Out to City Council?

Officially speaking, “the City Council is the governing body of the City. It orders elections, levies taxes, authorizes public improvements, approves contracts, and adopts traffic regulations. The Council adopts or modifies the budget proposed by the Mayor and provides the necessary funds, equipment, and supplies for the budgetary departments.” In short, they are a government body elected to represent the interests of the population. Hence, as public servants, their duty is to you, their constituency. It’s important to know that you can make your voice heard by reaching out to them and asking that they represent you accordingly. So, in the interest of promoting democracy, here is how.

Contact Los Angeles City Council

So, below you will find the phone numbers and email addresses for all LA City Council members for your convenience. Of course, if you are unsure about what your district is, you can check on the Los Angeles City Council map. The districts representing the areas usually covered by Silverlandia, however, are in bold.

  1. Gil Cedillo – (213) 473-7001 –
  2. Paul Krekorian – (213) 473-7002 –
  3. Bob Blumenfield – (213) 473-7003 –
  4. David Ryu – (213) 473-7004 –
  5. Paul Koretz – (213) 473-7005 –
  6. Nury Martinez – (213) 473-7006 –
  7. Monica Rodriguez – (213) 473-7007 –
  8. Marqueece Harris-Dawson – (213) 473-7008 –
  9. Curren Price – (213) 473-7009 –
  10. Herb Wesson – (213) 473-7010 –
  11. Mike Bonin – (213) 473-7011 –
  12. John Lee – (213) 473-7012 –
  13. Mitch O’Farrell – (213) 473-7013 –
  14. José Huizar – (213) 473-7014 –
  15. Joe Buscaino – (213) 473-7015 –

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