Where to Eat if You Are Craving Asian Fusion in Silver Lake

asian fusion in silver lake

Pine & Crane Asian Fusion

Silver Lake is a known hotspot for many Asian Fusion favorites such as Silverlake Ramen, The Silver Lake House, and Same Same, but Pine & Crane is a rising fan favorite. A quick and semi-casual Taiwanese-Chinese fusion joint, it offers delicious take-out food and market provisions in these trying times. They are proud of their Taiwanese staples that will warm your soul and fill your belly. For example, their beef noodle soup. Alongside this hearty dish, they offer appetizers and small plates, as well as an extensive drink menu. Some of our personal favorites are the Spicy Shrimp Wontons, and the Mapo Tofu (pictured below). If you are looking for the perfect place to pick-up dinner for family night or a virtual first-date, Pine & Crane offers the most delicious choices at a reasonable price. 

Izakaya Osen

If Taiwanese-Chinese fusion isn’t for you, Izakaya Osen might be the next best thing on Silver Lake Asian fusion. Beautifully arranged Japanese plates offer a traditional Japanese experience both in terms of food and dining. Izakaya Osen focuses on complementing their alcoholic beverages with the freshest sushi. Some of the more popular dishes are the seven-piece sushi (chef’s choice) and the udon, which is a thick, chewy, wheat noodle. The menu is simple and concise. They have lots of smaller plate options making it easy to order and taste a variety of different plates. Be on the lookout for Izakaya Osen’s opening in Silver Lake, prominently named Yakiniku. Hopefully, by the time the quarantining season is over, we will all be able to flock over to Yakiniku for a delicious Japanese meal. 

The Bun Shop

The Bun Shop is a nifty “Bao and Brew” spot with an extensive selection of bao buns and beers. Outside of just buns though, they have a whole range of items on their menu from burgers to bowls, as well as carnival favorites such as deep-fried Oreos. This restaurant meets the needs of an entire range of cravings, and you are sure to find something you love. Our personal favorites are the Garlic Shrimp Bowl with a Track 7 Panic IPA beer. This is an ideal order during Happy Hour from 4-7 pm, Monday through Friday. They are available for pickup, delivery, and catering, and it’s easy to order online through their website. Whenever you are craving a quick bun or brew, stop by The Bun Shop to get your quick fix. 

Button Mash

Button Mash isn’t your traditional Asian Fusion Bar, it offers rows of arcade games and craft beers on tap, curating a new kind of Asian Fusion experience. It could be likened to a bar-cade, but it is elevated in terms of its unique Asian Fusion bar food and specialty beers. Their website is funky and psychedelic, and their interiors are modern and hip. While your traditional bar-cade might be dingy and dark, Button Mash is bright and friendly. This communal bar and local hotspot welcomes everyone. Be sure to support this local business during the stay in place orders.

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