Disco Gym is one of the Hottest Fitness Options in Silverlake

Hottest Fitness Options in Silverlake

There are many fitness options available in Los Angeles. Some of them compete directly with mega chains and 24 hours centers. Disco Gym is one of the hottest fitness options in Silverlake, offering private Yoga, Hula Hoop, Gyrokinesis & Gyrotonic exercise classes. They also provide personal fitness training, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Hottest Fitness Options in Silverlake

What are Gyrokinesis & Gyrotonic exercises?

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® provides a unique, holistic approach to movement that provides many benefits. You can get a healthier, more supple spine, increased range of motion, better joint stability, improved agility and athletic performance, and a deeper internal strength.

Disco Gym owner, Rebecca, provides  personalized sessions that are adapted to fit each individual’s needs. Gyrotonic workout is performed on custom-designed Gyrotonic equipment. Both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises consist in spiraling, circular movements, which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions along with breathing patterns.

The studio also provides Gyrokinesis workshops and courses. If you want to assist to Disco Gym classes, schedule your appointment here.


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