Diversity and Inclusion event in Echo Park.

event in Echo Park

Join Moving the Needle that celebrates Diversity and Inclusion in film and TV.  You can participate in a wonderful event that breaks down barriers in the entertainment industry. A new report published by USC Annenberg states that “Nontraditional characters, storylines, and artists remain significantly underrepresented on America’s screens.” By attending this event in Echo Park you are not only supporting inspiring filmmakers but increasing diversity in your community. 

In addition, to supporting your community the one-night event will provide many activities. The event in Echo Park will have a live Hip Hop orchestra, comedy, raffle prizes and great speakers. There will also be parking available on-site and nearby. Plus, there will be light refreshments, wheelchair accessible and ASL interpreter. Stop by and enjoy a wonderful evening celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Film and TV event in Echo Park.

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