New Business in Silver Lake


A new business is open on the block and it has everyone buzzing before breakfast. Roo Coffee located in Silverlandia offers coffee, breakfast, smoothies and more. Roo Coffee is owned by Australian’s where their menu is molded behind the famous Down Under. They have a selection of coffee options if you’re craving coffee try there famous and delicious Aussie capp. 


Roo also serves Aussie bites, like the “Avo Smash” with sourdough, beet and chevre cheese whip. Craving something sweet try there “Strawberry Kisses,” a croissant with strawberries, mascarpone, and Nutella drizzle; and the “Go Fig-Ure” with fresh fig, chevre cheese, caramelized balsamic and pecan crumble. 

Roo is a great place to hang out with family and friends. In addition, to hang out, you can study with free Wifi. Come by Roo Coffee and see what all the buzz is about and why so many people enjoy Roo.

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