Echo Park News: LA’s First Brewery-and-Cidery Opens Its Doors

Echo Park News

For today’s serving of Echo Park news, we’re taking a look at the very first brewery-and-cidery joint in Los Angeles. Yes, you read that right. 

Many Angelenos are likely looking for a place where they can have some good cider. And of course, a good handful loves their beers. This is where local residents Chelsey Rosetter and Ben Farber decided to combine both and turn into a local establishment that could satisfy both customer bases. 

‘Bringing Folks Together

Located by the side of the freeway, Benny Boy Brewing opened its doors on Saturday, March 19th. Located along Lincoln Heights, it’s one huge lot with a cidery building on one side and a microbrewery building on the other. In between each building is a patio with gas-powered campfires to add to the overall feel of the place. According to Rosetter, the goal was simple: to bring people together. 

“Having both beer and cider allows us to bring together folks that might usually go to a brewery with those who might opt for a wine bar or cidery,” she said. “Some of our greatest memories have been made outside in a beer garden and around a campfire with friends.”

A Solid Beer-Making Background

The husband and wife tandem of Farber and Rosetter is bound by a solid beer-making background. Farber has a decade-long brewing experience under his belt, which includes an apprenticeship at Brouwerij De Ranke, an artisan brewery in Belgium. Rosetter, on the other hand, worked at the Firestone Walker and Los Angeles Ale Works.

Farber talked a bit more in detail about his cidery, where he described his beverages as having subtle flavorings of pomegranate and pineapple. But unlike supermarket apples, he uses juice from a strain of pippins that contains more tannins and sugar. 

As a result, ciders from Benny Boy are much drier compared to ones you’d find on supermarket shelves. He says his main goal was to “let the apple shine.”

More About Benny Boy Brewing

Benny Boy Brewing is open from Wednesday to Sunday. During the week, operating hours begin in the late afternoon until midnight, at the latest. During the weekend, business hours begin at 11 AM and end at midnight. It is located along Daly Street. 

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