How to Help Your Favorite Local Businesses Throughout the Outbreak

local businesses

As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak has been forcing us out of our daily routines and making us adapt to new global circumstances. In Los Angeles, that means that many different businesses, from restaurants to movie theaters, have had to make changes to their daily operations. Big fast food chains will be fine, but local businesses? They’re struggling, so try your best to support them through this uncertain time. Here are a few ways in which you can do this.

Buy Gift Cards from Local Businesses

If there are certain businesses that you visit on a regular basis that you are not able to support at the moment, gift cards are a great way of making sure they still have some sort of income during this crisis. For example, if your favorite local coffee spot offers gift cards, you can get one for the amount of your choice. This way they get some sort of money at the moment. Then, later on when things are back to normal, you can make use of it and have prepaid coffee for a few days. You both win!

Get Takeout from Local Restaurants

As per Los Angeles law, restaurants are barred from opening for dine-in customers. However, they are officially allowed and encouraged to maintain takeout and delivery operations. If you want to keep supporting your favorite neighborhood eatery or small restaurant, ask if they still fulfill takeout and delivery orders. We are not talking about big chain restaurants. Those will be fine. Your local businesses, though? They will need some help. If you can, try to support them once or twice a week!

Tip Servers and Carriers Well

Times are hard for all of us at the time, but many people currently have the opportunity to work from home. You know who doesn’t? Service workers, grocery store clerks, and drivers. If you get food from a local restaurant or order delivery, be sure to tip your servers and carriers. They are still working despite the situation and could use some appreciation for it. Remember to also be polite and friendly to clerks and drivers. They deserve it.

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