How Local LA Businesses Are Contributing to Social Causes During Movement Restrictions

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The negative effects of the pandemic-related restrictions affected many small businesses in LA. When the businesses suffered, the community was also negatively affected because most of them were employed in these businesses. 

Most of the restrictions are still in force and although most of the businesses are back to operation, the affected community members are yet to recover. Many business owners have joined hands to show their support for the LA community. 


Businesses raising money for charity

Some businesses have joined hands to raise money for charity work. The money raised is put into a good course like helping the homeless community living in Atwater village, buying meals for children, and shelter for animals. 

OneHope Foundation is one of the organizations that is actively mobilizing local businesses in LA to contribute to charity. The group has contributed over 1.5 million dollars. 


Businesses helping businesses

Some teams of business people in LA have come together to support small businesses in the community to return to business. They realized the important role played by these micro-businesses in supporting the local communities. Due to restrictions on movement, most of the small businesses closed doors and the owners didn’t have money to restock them. 


After raising enough money, the organizers identify needy cases and offer help. Some of the money goes to a charity of choice that is committed to assisting needy families and individuals living in LA County. 

Supporting social causes through charitable groups

Los Angeles is home to hundreds of charitable groups committed to supporting needy community members. To make their work easier, businesses around LA are consolidating funds and giving to charity organizations because they can better identify needy cases and offer ready support.

Some of the beneficiaries are SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, a charitable group that supports homeless individuals and families by giving them clothing, showers, food and masks to the homeless community. SELAH was created from initials and stands for Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, and Hollywood. 

Saint Barnabas Senior Services: The charity offers help to economically vulnerable seniors in LA County. The charity delivers meals to senior-aged from 60 years and above and offers family caregiver support through zoom.  

Volunteering to serve the community

Some workers in LA-based businesses have recently organized themselves and participated in various community services as a team. The work involved volunteer services as a way to give back to the community in which the businesses thrive. 

One of the arrangements was beach cleaning in Los Angeles. The beach has not had many visitors since the onset of COVID but since the LA county government announced a relaxation of rules, residents have begun returning to the beaches to enjoy themselves. 

The business community saw the need to clean up the beach and make it beautiful. It is also a way to have fun working in the open air with a few team members.  

Another recent activity was cooking for the homeless community around LA. It is a great experience to see business owners and workers busy cooking for homeless community members. 


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