People Waited for More Than Five Hours to Drink at LA’s Best Dive Bar Again

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A visit to Tiki-Ti bar will have you longing for a seaside getaway, only in Los Angeles, you don’t have to leave the city to experience the feel of a tropical getaway. 

Covid-19 hasn’t been kind to the hospitality industry, but after well over a year of closure, they’re opening up again, and LA’s legendary tropical cocktail landmark, Tiki-Ti, has opened its welcoming doors as well. 


Drinks you simply cannot go without

What a sight to behold as this historic bar is a firm favorite, particularly with Los Feliz, Atwater Village and Echo Park locals. They say the drinks are as colorful as the people who come to the bar and the mood is always upbeat and friendly.  

Of course, the bar has its regulars and that’s also what makes it difficult to get a seat in the bar. The regulars aren’t willing to part with their bar stools. You can even meet the ‘regulars’ by clicking on the ‘patrons’ icon. Also, their useful News section offers the latest news of events at the trendy little pub. 

Of course, when news broke out that the small iconic bar with just 12 bar stools was to swing open its doors once again, fans were there in their droves to be the first to get into their beloved haunt again. 


Specialty drinks on request

The reopening has been a most welcome sight for fans of the Polynesian-themed bar on Sunset Boulevard. There isn’t a happy hour at the bar but on Wednesday, you can get your Ray’s Mistake cocktail at a reduced price.

No wonder people will queue for hours to get into this famous little gem of a bar as it offers something utterly unique. 

Not only are the thrilling and delectable recipes for the drinks a closely guarded family secret, but there are also other things that make the bar stand out by far. Like on Wednesdays, with the Ray’s Mistake cocktail – a bell is rung and the entire bar stops and raises a toast to Ray.  

With this gem of a bar, make sure you come with enough money to enjoy all the decadent tastes because you may be there for 3, 4, or 5 hours. 

Their fabulous drink menu consists of close to 100 exotic drinks with wonderful names to match. It’s these fabulous drinks that make people willing to wait for hours to taste them.  


A gem in Los Feliz

Tiki-Ti is a classic bar and for its loyal patrons, it is always well worth the wait. Loyal Silver Lake patrons lined up at the crack of dawn last Wednesday morning and waited for literally hours for the Silver Lake bar to reopen. 

They were prepared to wait. After all, some had come from San Diego. The owner of the bar, Michael Buhen, is thrilled to be back in action and said that in April the iconic bar had celebrated its 60th anniversary. 

This is a family bar and they want to tell everyone to come and celebrate their reopening and a new season with bubbles.

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