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When it comes to finding the biggest and best Atwater Village news, then look no further. We’ve got our finger on the pulse for all of the best stories coming out of the area on a daily basis, and one such story that is definitely worth talking about is one of the latest business developments coming out of Atwater Village. Here is some Atwater Village news that is exciting for the area’s would-be entrepreneurs!

Breaking Atwater Village News – WeWork Bioscience Startups

Los Angeles molecular biologist and venture investor and founder of LabLaunch, Llewellyn Cox has announced he will be opening a WeWork development space for bioscience professionals looking to make significant breakthroughs in various fields. Here is some of the basic info about the planned scheme:

  •       In one of the buildings within the stylish arts district of Atwater Village, Cox is planning to open a ‘no strings attached’ lab space where budding startups can claim some space to plant roots in Los Angeles and get to real work on their projects.  A similar LabLaunch space in Monrovia has already proved successful.
  •       With rent starting at around the $4,600 per month mark, this is being seen by many as an opportunity for startup ventures to access university grade lab equipment that was created by LabLauch, another Cox company, back in 2014.
  •       You might have heard of concepts and opportunities like this before, but this is one of the first times that such a prime location in Los Angeles has been made available, and the goal that Llewellyn Cox has in mind is a simple one. The more people can bolster the biotech economy in Los Angeles, the more healthy competition there will be with historically research-rich places such as Boston, San Diego and San Francisco.
  •       The advantage that a venture like this brings is the fact that young and fledgling startups are able to move directly into premises that have state of the art facilities and equipment. This is very different to the old school days of having to start out in dingy garages or cramped, not fit for purpose office spaces.
  •       For the rent sum already mentioned above, startups are able to move straight in and have immediate access to expensive equipment that they might not have been able to afford otherwise, along with have the peace of mind that their building and environment has already gone through all of the necessary permitting that is required for these kinds of ventures.
  •       Spaces like this are set to change the world of bioscience discovery and research and development for the better, making more and more breakthroughs possible in the years to come.

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