Looking for Candles in Echo Park: P.F. Candle Co. Opens Its First Flagship

Candles in Echo Park

It seems as though for the last few years, every hipster market we’ve walked into has displayed the same little amber jar filled with soy based candle. Whether it’s the famous Urban Outfitters or a tiny blonde-wooded boutique in Los Feliz, that candle is there to taunt us with it’s tantalizing teakwood & tobacco aroma. Whether you recognize it yet or not, P.F. Candle has undeniably built its way into the bohemian candle realm and has decided to take their efforts even further with a new candle store in Echo Park. If you’re looking for candles in Echo Park or in the Los Angeles area, you’re in luck. Now opening its first flagship in Echo Park, P.F. Candle Co. is ready to serve it’s audiences on a new level and all their indie candle needs.

The hipster candle chain started off wholesaling it’s candles and other indie products to local California vendors with the same demographic. Their selling didn’t just stop there – eventually, they reached markets all across the globe in places like New York, Colombia, Lebanon, and Japan. P.F. even sold it’s stock to online vendors thus extending it’s soy based reign to the intangible cyber realm.  

Candles in Echo Park

Indie Candles in Echo Park

On your hunt for candles in echo park, you’re probably wondering, why is this candle in such high demand? Well, for starters P.F. is sound in the ethics corner because all of their product ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. Made in Southern California, P.F. has various ways of making their candles: some have a small amount of synthetic-material and some are all-natural like their Terra candles. They also provide a full-list of ingredients on their product page to show their audience that they care about what they are selling you.

The design of P.F. candles and product are rustic yet chic. Every indie candle, aside from their Terracotta candles, come in an amber jar with a cute brown tag labeling the scent. Jar sizes range from 3.5 oz to 12.5 oz and their scents are separated into four categories: Woods, Fresh, Botanical, and Spice. The thing that stands out with P.F. Candle is their unique scents. The scent ingredients alone seem nice such as amber or moss, but when you have indie candles labeled as “amber & moss” it creates an enchanting aroma that is nearly indescribable other than through comparison to some tropical location.

Not only that, but they are still affordable. With a sleek and minimalist design and ethical production, you can still find these standard trendy candles at prices less than $20. The products don’t stop there; this indie candle monarch also sells unisex perfumes, reed diffusers, gift sets, home goods, incense, and room sprays in their popular scents like Sandalwood Rose and Patchouli Sweetgrass.

A Monarch Deserves a Castle

What better way for a monarch to enjoy their reign than to build a castle and let the community take a gander. The P.F. Flagship is located at 2213 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 just west of Alvarado Blvd and Echo Park Lake. The credit-card only store will be stocked with all of your favorite P.F. products plus indoor plants and plant products, coffee table books, kitchenware, and apothecary items. If you thought P.F.’s products were appealing, you can just imagine the other products sold at this flagship. When looking for candles in Echo Park, stop by the new P.F. Flagship next time you’re in the area and live your aromatic fantasy.

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