My Gym-Children’s Program in Silverlandia


Silverlandia is full of wonderful businesses and people who keep our community together. As years pass, we want the next generations to continue to build our community. We have to start now that they are young and building their knowledge. My Gym is a passionate and dedicated children’s program to educate and a space to build our kid’s self-esteem. We enjoy seeing our children be children but we also expect them to develop mental growth and knowledge as they grow. Sometimes we tend to just let our children do one at a time. At My Gym, the main focus is to provide an environment that’s fun and exciting for the children yet educational. Everyone enjoys seeing their children’s eyes full of excitement and their smiles full of laughter when they meet their milestones.


My Gym is a #1 ranking children’s program worldwide with over 600 locations throughout the nation. Luckily one is based in the heart of Silverlandia, in Atwater Village. They also have, My Gym Foundation which is a 501 non-profit organization . My Gym Foundation is dedicated to helping our children of disabilities and families with financial limitations by providing equipment and services. Their everyday goal is to improve cognitive, motor, and social skills of children of any age, disability and race.

They are here to provide a safe and fun environment for our children. So sign up for a free class today to just guarantee yourself that your child/ren will enjoy it.

My Gym Atwater Village

3462 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Opens: 8:30am Everyday


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