Plant Provocateur Nursery in Silver Lake Brings Life to Your Home

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If there is something that a lot of us have learned during quarantine it’s that it’s good to have things to do. Sure, we binge-watch shows on Netflix, we scroll through social media, and we bake lots of banana bread. However, it’s the little, somewhat more vital things, that can provide us with some sense of purpose amidst the monotony. For example, the quarantine might be making you feel frustrated and stunted in regard to your life. However, a tiny activity such as walking your dog or feeding your cat can make you feel more validated. After all, you are keeping them alive. This is also the case of caring for plants, and the best plant nursery in Silver Lake can help you with that.

The Wonderful World of Caring for Plants

People get plants for a variety of different reasons. Some appreciate the hobby of carefully curating a plant collection. Others enjoy the interior design aspect of it, using them as living pieces of decoration that you can nurture. Some just think they’re neat! Ultimately, the reasons why people own plants are as varied as the plants themselves. However, quarantine has given people a reinvigorated sense of responsibility and love towards these little living things. They depend on you in order to live, don’t they? Even just getting some flowers can help. That tangible contribution to life can really put things in perspective for you. The regular habit of taking care of their beloved plants is getting a lot of people through this uncertain period. Are you feeling left out? Don’t worry.

Plant Nursery in Silver Lake

Sure, maybe you haven’t gotten in on the plant-owning craze that has taken a lot of us by storm in the last few years, but it’s never too late to start! Plant Provocateur, a wonderful nursery in Silver Lake, can help you get your plant collection started. Head over to their website and take a look at their plant catalog. You can browse through their selection and pick up the plant of your choosing at their nursery at 3318 W. Sunset Blvd.