LA COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise: Here’s What We Need to Do

LA COVID-19 cases

As you’ve probably heard already, Los Angeles County isn’t doing great in terms of curving the spread COVID-19. Especially when compared to other large cities. New York City, for example, hit its peak on April 14 with 11,571 new reported cases on that day, and it’s now down to less than four-hundred new daily cases. Meanwhile, Los Angeles recently peaked at 7,149 new cases on June 23, currently at around five-thousand. While New York City seems to have gotten past its worst peak of this first wave, it looks like Los Angeles is bound to get worse. As LA COVID-19 cases continue to rise, here’s what we should keep in mind.

LA COVID-19 Cases

Of course, it’s important to remember that this data can be interpreted in a number of different ways. On one hand, it might mean that we’ve managed to slow down the spread across several months. This would be good. On the other, however, it can show that we started out well and then hit a peak we shouldn’t have. It’s no coincidence that this rise in new cases coincided with the seemingly premature reopening of a lot of businesses. If we as a city want to prevent a peak as bad as others, it will be important to exercise more caution going forward. 

What Can We Do?

People are heading out to restaurants and venues simply because they’re open. You need to consider whether or not this is worth it. We are all tired of social distancing, but is it really wise to head out this early in the pandemic? Just because it annoys us, it doesn’t mean that it’s over. We need to exercise caution in our everyday lives if we want the LA COVID-19 cases to actually start going down for once. Remember to wear a mask whenever you leave your home, wash your hands regularly, and maintain your distance from others.

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