How to Break up the Monotony of Working From Home


COVID-19 forced almost everyone into isolation. But some of us are still stuck inside and working from home. Working from home can feel isolating, lonely, and, quite frankly, boring. Thankfully, there are several different ways you can break up the monotony of working from home and spice up your life.

Try a New Hobby

One of the simplest ways to add spice to your daily work routine is to try a new hobby. Working from home can create feelings of stagnation, and each day might feel like the last. You can eliminate these feelings with a new hobby that you genuinely enjoy.

we know this isn’t exactly an innovative idea. I mean, who hasn’t tried a new hobby? So how do you find a hobby that suits you? Well, select activities that you genuinely enjoy and look forward to doing. Too often we try to fit into a box that just wasn’t made for us. You can find a new hobby if you don’t enjoy rock climbing, pottery, or guitar. Your options are truly endless. 

Try New Foods

Hopefully, your sense of smell and taste has returned from the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to break up your daily work routine is to try new foods and cuisines. You don’t have to visit expensive restaurants, either. Try switching up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner to add spice to your life. Literally.

You can follow a new recipe every week or even every day. Or you can make your own. Maybe there’s an ingredient that you haven’t tried or a cooking technique that you find intriguing. Either way, adding new foods to your schedule will break up feelings of monotony. 

Workout From Home

One of the reasons working from home can be so painful is that you’re sitting all day. Sitting for long periods can be harmful to not only your health but your mood as well. Exercising from home is one way you can add variety to your work schedule. 

There are several different programs, exercises, or routines you can try. You’ll come across different intensities and techniques. You might want to try adding yoga, calisthenics, or a quick jog into your lunch break. Or maybe you can wind down after ending the day by lifting some free weights. Either way, exercising from home is an excellent way to improve your health and liven up your week.

Check Out New Podcasts and Music

Most of us listen to podcasts or music while we work from the comfort of our homes. But listening to the same songs or the same voices can create a feeling that’s all too familiar. One of the simplest ways to liven up your day is to broaden your music and media tastes. 

Maybe you’ve never listened to a Ska, Pop Punk, or even a classic album all the way through. Who knows, you might even like these genres! You can also try listening to unique podcasts that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You can find podcasts on nearly anything that piques your interest. Regardless, exposing yourself to new sounds, cultures, and ideas is a great way to diversify your interests and daily routine. 

Beat COVID-19 Monotony, Silver Lake

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many of us to work from home. Although it can be boring, you can easily spice up your work week with a few of the tips mentioned above. Stay strong, Silver Lake.

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