Are COVID-19 Cases Going Down in Silver Lake?

Silver Lake

The Global Pandemic has shaken the whole world—not just Silver Lake or California. COVID-19 has left many of us shaken, hurt, and isolated from our loved ones and community. It’s been nearly two years since the start of the pandemic. But has anything changed, or have we simply pushed the pandemic to the backburner?

Cases Statewide

Unfortunately, there has only been a rise in COVID-19 cases across the whole state of California since the pandemic first began in March of 2020. There was a spike in cases in early January 2021 and in February 2022. The total reported cases of COVID-19 across the state of California is 9,214,036. However, these numbers may be rising due to tests being widely available.

Deaths in California

There have been a total of 90,335 deaths across the state of California, which is around 1% of the total reported cases. This is the unfortunate reality of COVID-19 and the Global Pandemic. It’s important not to forget these people, their families, and the impact they had on their communities.

Cases in Silver Lake

So, what about COVID-19 cases in the Silver Lake area? In Amador County, there have been a total of 8,518 total confirmed cases per 100,000. There was a spike in cases around January of this year. However, in the past 90 days, there has been a sharp decrease in COVID-19 cases throughout the Amador County and Silver Lake area.

Deaths in Amador County

Unfortunately, we have to mention how many people have passed since COVID-19. It’s a harsh reality of The Global Pandemic and how it’s ravaged our communities and families. There have been a total of 86 deaths in the Amador County and Silver Lake area. Thankfully, the number of deaths seems to be decreasing within the past 90 days. That’s good news for our community.

Recovered Cases in California

Thankfully, there’s always a silver lining to any storm cloud. There have been a total of 9,214,036 cases of COVID-19 in California. However, 8,958,495 of those cases have fully recovered. That’s over a 97% recovery rate! It seems that COVID-19 is still dangerous and running amuck. But with proper safety procedures and people acting responsibly, we can prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Is Still a Risk

It’s nearly safe to say we’ve all gotten used to The Global Pandemic. COVID-19 has become an integral part of our communities and consciousness, for better or for worse. However, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still a risk to be cautious of. Being negligent only furthers the rampage and destruction that the virus has already delivered.

Getting vaccinated, staying home when you’re sick, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing is the best way you can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community from COVID-19 by being responsible. Stay strong, Silver Lake!

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